Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Believe

I believe........

that being a woman is one of the most beautiful and powerful gifts God could have given me. Men don't stand a chance next to us and no man looks as blazing HOTTTT as we women do. Hehe

that a life without purpose and direction is a meaningless, empty and futile life devoid of all sense

that God calls you and I to rise far above and beyond mediocrity; to refuse to do less than our best; to give less than our all

that faith will take you places that wealth, power and connections will only nip at. Believe me when I say that mountains can literally be moved in faith

that people who live their lives without God must be a lot stronger than I am and have some inner strength that I am missing because I cannot do ANYTHING without God. No, I am not more pious than anyone else or more me. I just believe that I must be so weak to need God's strength so much. It is impossible for me to draw breath without Him.

that the day I stop serving God is the day that I die. (Read above.....How can I live without air?)

that being a wife and a mother is the most wonderful, beautiful, fascinating, gorgeously breathtaking thing in the world but also one of the scariest, most daunting tasks ever. I pray constantly that I will never fail at those. Next to my relationship with God, those two positions are second to none.

that human beings can only attempt to recreate the beauty that nature so simply exudes.....every ray of sunlight, splash of the ocean, gust of the wind, flap of wings, ruggedness of mountains, serenity of sunsets, kiss of waves beneath the sea speaks is so complete. Nothing can be added to its beauty and nothing dare be taken from it! In writing this, I just realized the importance in saving our planet. Our defacement of this masterpiece is a daily SIN!

that love is more than the sum of its parts: it is much more than emotion and stronger than devotion. It is words and thoughts and deeds, prayers and desires and needs, burning passion and sacrifice all wrapped up into one

that family is irreplacable......that friendships are magical.....that self-love is foundational and God-love (nay, Jesus-love :)) is the source of it all

that "life and death are in the mouth of man" and I refuse to speak what my eyes see. True sight is found in the eyes of my heart and soul and not in my physical eyes

that the day we stop growing is the day we shrivel up inside. Dear Lord, let me never ever be satisfied (mark my words, I said "satisfied" not "content". There is a world of difference) with the status quo. I want to push harder to love God more passionately, be a better woman, sister, friend, (when that time comes ;)) wife and lover, mother, aunty, cousin; employee, employer, leader, writer, whatever.

that pride is a silent but deadly killer. You let it in and like an enormous gust of wind, it blows everything away.

that the inventors of high heels were inspired by God Himself :)

that my body is a wonderful masterpiece and fashion is the drum to our heart's songs. C'mon women, we know that those clothes, shoes and accessories are our weapons. Use them to your advantage ;)

that beauty flows from the inside out and God truly does not like He didn't make it :)

that life without music is like a snail without a shell: skinny, ugly, veiny and grossly incomplete....this is why I make everyday a musical-belting songs out at every turn and every chance I get

that the end does not justify the means. It is in our means, our journeys, our paths that our stories truly lie.

that our greatest challenges are our biggest teachers and lessons.....that it is our attitudes, perspective and responses to these challenges that our fate (and faith) is sealed

that putting limits on God and boxing Him in is a contradiction in terms. What happened to OMNIpresent, OMNIscient and OMNIpotent? What happened to our understanding of even the concept of "God" as larger than life? Cast those limits off, burn those boxes......I know that's what I'm doing this year. Let's start a revolution :)

that impossible is absolutely NOTHING. I can do allllllll things through Christ who strengthens me

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