Saturday, July 12, 2008

Feminity Series-A Day in a Woman's Mind

What does it mean to be a woman, to be that gender that is called "Female"? What is it that God had in mind when He thought about us, designed us and finally created us? We are the epitome of creation, God's masterpiece (Thank you Stacie Elderidge "Captivating"), the most beautiful of all the creatures on earth. Men fawn at us, gaze at us, lose their minds in their admiration, "love" us to distraction!!! Wouldn't it be simply amazing if we understood that about ourselves? Wouldn't it be awesome to know loads and loads of women who recognize that they are badddddd mama jammas: confident, intelligent, made in God's image, priceless and irreplaceable?

The reality of the matter is that almost all women see the negatives in themselves far too often. We cling to negative images, criticisms and flaws and quietly discard the compliments that have been thrown our way time and time again. We are our own biggest enemies-unfortunately!!!! Two days ago, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend. It centered on the woman's favorite topics (Ladies, don't front!!! You know it's true!): marriage, romance and relationships. We talked about the "together forever" clause in marriage and how exceedingly scary that is. What would it be like to spend the reeeeeeeeeeest of our lives with this man? How do we know that we will be good wives (perish the thought: GREAT wife)? For me, how do I know that I will be able to keep my man wanting to come home to me every single day? We all know how fickle men can be. I look in the mirror and some days, I am totally in love with myself, I know that I am beautiful, powerful and priceless. I cling to my hopes and dreams, my vision and purpose and my strength. I bless my God like there is no tomorrow and I bask in the beauty of His presence. I know that I am special and undeniably a gift to the world because God said so. On other days, I don't like what I see in the mirror, escalate every criticism that has come my way, list all of my supposed failures and wonder how God can have any sort of purpose for my life.

Women, when will we wake up and smell the coffee. We are unique and PERFECT just the way that God created us-our personalities, our "knob noses", our tiny ears and little eyes are features that HE chose to put there to give Him glory. Let us learn to see our beauty through His eyes because, believe me, there is a tremendous amount of it to see if we just open our eyes, listen and see through the eyes of the Spirit.

Psalm 139:14,16: "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned..." We are all custom-designed by God. WE are all GORGEOUS!!!!! Embrace that today, act on it, meditate on it, celebrate it! This ain't no flattery. It's the Gospel :)

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